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Welcome to the
Max Buchanan Foundation

A scholarship foundation to encourage and inspire future leaders.

A NJ Nonprofit Corporation. Tax Deductible Donation, Max Buchanan Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

VENMO: @MaxBuchananFoundation

The Max Buchanan Foundation is dedicated to encouraging and supporting leadership in the areas where Max served, including, but not limited to:

  • Military Excellence

  • Eagle Scouts

  • Athletics Programs for Disabled Individuals 

  • Fire Fighters

  • Life Guarding

  • Protection from Human Trafficking

  • Veterans Support

  • Excellence in the Arts

  • Animal Protection

  • Cancer Research


The Max Buchanan Foundation strives to give opportunity to those who may be marginalized and need additional support to thrive.  Max Buchanan always strived to make others feel seen and valued.


Previous Scholarship Recipients

Rutgers ROTC Program 

The inaugural scholarships were awarded to midshipmen from the Rutgers NROTC Unit who did not yet have full scholarships, but exemplified commitment and leadership.

"The Dash"

Many say “the dash” between the dates on a headstone represents the life lived.


We, at the Max Buchanan Foundation, believe there is more.  We believe his legacy lives on in those who knew him, through the work of the Max Buchanan Foundation, and through all the lives he touched.


We are proud to use the “infinity” sign, rather than “the dash” — this is the heart of what the Max Buchanan Foundation represents.


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